HMRC investigations are time consuming, stressful and costly.

With unannounced on-site visits from HMRC becoming more common, its important you are aware of your rights. You do not have to allow them to come in and you should contact us to let us know if this ever happens. You can also ask HMRC to contact your tax agent directly if you prefer. 

Investigations can last for many months. During this time, you will incur additional accountancy fees as well as having to deal with inevitable disruption and uncertainty. These fees will still be due regardless of the outcome and dealing with HMRC on your own often makes matters worse.

Our Tax Investigation Service in partnership with Croner Taxwise, will safeguard you from the risk of unplanned, costly professional fees should you be selected for a tax investigation, you can relax in the knowledge that Pentlands will take care of you and the costs will be covered.

As part of this service, you also get access to an HR, employment law and health & safety advice line, exclusively for you. This team of dedicated business consultants can assist with immediate issues and advise on proactive measures you can take to improve y our business.

If you haven’t already taken this service and would like to please contact us on 01926 424455 or email