If you need to get more clients, those people who know you, like you and trust you can be your greatest source of referrals.  
Find out how to generate those types of business relationships strategically.
Lockdown may have limited your business development activities but that does not mean that you cannot get new clients or make sales.   
Most business owners agree that the best clients come from referrals therefore it is important to build and maintain business relationships.  
In this Free 90-minute workshop you will:
Learn how to structure and develop a strategic referral network that will result in more clients
Learn how to define who should be in your business referral network 
Understand 5 simple stages that will lead to closed business
Save time and effort, and focus on building the right business relationships for you
Referrals shorten the sales cycle and referred prospects are more likely to buy from you because someone they know, like and trust has referred you!
Do not worry this is not about networking more it is about maximising your current business relationships and working with the people that you want to work with.  You probably have enough connections already and we will show you how to identify who the right ones are, for you and your business.
You have heard the saying that not taking action will not give you a different result, well of course the same applies in your business.   If you have not had enough referrals this past year do you want to change it?
This workshop will open your eyes to the possibilities of generating more sales in less time through business referral marketing – and you don’t even have to leave the house! 
Spaces are limited to allow you to take time during the workshop to and ask questions. We are taking bookings for a variety of dates:  https://bit.ly/2BsDCvK
Trainers: Pentlands client, Jackie Casey is an established Business Consultant and Asentiv Coach and Trainer
The Asentiv Mission: By providing dynamic business consulting, compassionate coaching and unique relationship marketing strategies, Asentiv creates communities of like-minded entrepreneurs, generating amazing business and a spectacular life!