A personal message from Elinor, James and Taz

Firstly, we hope you and yours are keeping well. These are difficult times, both personally and in business.

We’re still working, remotely of course these days, and we’re putting in the hours to understand each new business scheme and how they are interpreted by HMRC.

To help you find the best way ahead in these unsettling times we’ve put together a webpage of resources explaining every COVID-19 measure. There’s also information about how to join our frequent interactive video Q&A sessions. To find it, please go to: COVID-19 Support

Stay safe everyone, together we will get through this, take care and lets look after each other.

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Fit For Business

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In 2015 Pentlands launched complimentary  Fit For Business events.

What is Fit For Business?

It’s just like being fit and healthy, going for a walk or going to the gym. You will be spending just over an hour engaging in a discussion of the chosen topic enabling you to leave with the tools to implement change in your business.

We provide a healthy breakfast to give you a kick start to the day and help keep you focussed and energised.

The topic changes for each event and the most recent was  “Why risk the health of your business by measuring the wrong things?” 

If your business lost major money for three months, one after the other, you’d be stressed. You’d be stressed enough to do something about it. Making a loss prompts a strong emotional reaction. And a strong enough emotional reaction results in corrective action, as it should. So a key measure in your business – a loss – gets you to do something to improve your business results – reduce costs or improve sales. But shouldn’t you be taking timely action to prevent the losses in the first place?

See our events page for the next complementary event and to book yourself a place.

Fit For Business Premium

Fit For Business Premium was launched in March 2016 and has a similar format with 20 regular business owners meeting each month for the morning at Mallory Court Hotel. There is a monthly subscription commitment and the purpose of the group is for each member along with Elinor to support, challenge and inspire each other. There is a criteria for membership to join the groups.

A second Fit for Business Premium group will be launching soon so if you are interested then please call 01926 424455.